Notre Dame Capital at a glance


The question we ask ourselves and our partners to dig deep and understand the inspiration.

Who are we?

Pioneers that do not follow the crowds. We invest early, we create, we put the team together.

What we’re good at

We mentor, build, and create value over time. We love to disrupt and make things more efficient.

What we look for?

We are not for everyone, we look for entrepreneurs willing to do whatever it takes to build something revolutionary. Only a small percentage of accredited investors who share our vision may invest with us.


Years of experience



In small capital financings, CAD (in billions)


Projects managed and participated in

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Now, in case you are wondering why there are so many pictures of animals on our site, these are animals that are either going extinct, on the endangered species list, or, simply animals that we love and hope will not become extinct due to the contamination and encroachment of man on their collective habitats.