Oceanus 3 is a shipwreck salvage company that salvages high net worth wrecks in known locations, it is not a shipwreck exploration company. The company is headed by John Rose, who has enjoyed over 35 years of success in the business, having salvaged several wrecks both himself and in co operation with such notable clients as The Rijks Museum and the Philippines National Museum. John and his team will salvage the 1682 wreck of the HMS Gloucester off the east coast of England, a British warship that sank while carrying the Duke of York (and future King James II) and 70 of the richest nobles in England while en route to Scotland. John's team discovered and positively identified the wreck in 2009 and are seeking investors to fund the salvage of this vessel. 

The cargo value is conservatively estimated at over $600 million US, the salvage conditions are almost ideal with low current, good visibility and at a depth of 100 feet or less. Access to the site is seasonal from May until early October, and salvage time is expected to last 8-9 months and straddle two salvage seasons. During the winter months Oceanus 3 will salvage other known wrecks in the Cape Verde Islands and/or the Seychelles. Recovered artifacts are restored and sold to museums, private collectors, and at public auction. Investors may take their portion of the net proceeds in cash or in kind.

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