Konnect Mobile Communications Inc. (KONNECT) is a proud Canadian technology company. Our mission is to innovate and develop technologies that create a paradigm shift to re-empower individuals and businesses by giving them back control over their money and finances. This will be done by creating products and services that directly connect businesses and consumers in their everyday lives. Konnect is in the process of developing blue ocean products in the areas of FINTECH, COMMUNICATIONS & BLOCKCHAIN.

For more information, please visit konnectmobile.ca.

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Konnect is currently focused on the disruption of the global payments, currency and remittance markets. Konnect aims to first disrupt the market by launching the PaySocial Wallet. PaySocial is a mobile payment and money transfer service that will be unlike any other product on the market. PaySocial will give an option for users to transact for FREE by watching a short in-app Ad. The App will also feature cash back rewards and viral social affiliate programs when users make purchases at merchant stores.

Many payments and money transfer companies are competing on price while PaySocial will create a global disruption by bringing the price down to zero. PaySocial is Konnect's first fully developed product. Konnect intends to launch its Beta within the Canadian marketplace during 2018, followed by the US and finally on an international scale, once publicly listed.  PaySocial's strongest target markets are millennials, un-banked or under-banked and small to medium sized merchants.

Blockchain technology is on the forefront for secure and reliable data transfer of digital assets. PaySocial is currently evaluating several blockchain solutions with the view of incorporating it into its platform. The aim is to find solutions that can sustain a high volume of transactions with minuscule processing times, while maintaining uncompromising security standards.

 For more information, please visit paysocial.ca.