Konnect Mobile Communications Inc. (KONNECT) is a proud Canadian technology company. Our mission is to innovate and develop technologies that create a paradigm shift that re-empowers individuals and businesses giving them back control over their money and finances.

We will do so by creating products and services that directly connect businesses and consumers in their everyday lives. Konnect is in the process of developing blue ocean products in the areas of FINTECH, CRYPTOCURRENCY and COMMUNICATIONS. See below for our solutions and for more information, please visit konnectmobile.ca.

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PaySocial is Konnect's first fully developed product. Konnect intends to launch its Beta within the Canadian marketplace during 2018.PaySocial will disrupt the market by offering FREE mobile money transfer and payment services, supported by seamless turn-key rewards and viral social affiliate advertising programs.

PaySocial will be a new mobile wallet where users can send and receive money transfers, make bill payments, buy and sell, load and withdraw funds. The platform intends to allow multi-fiat and multi-crypto currency.

PaySocial will give users the choice to either pay a transaction fee or watch a 15 to 30 second in-app targeted advertisement to waive the transaction fee. Users will also have the choice to share their purchases via Facebook, provide a positive review of the merchant and receive an instant cash-back reward. The average cash-back reward is expected to be 5%. 

For more information, please visit paysocial.ca


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A decentralized (blockchain) tipping mobile application, Tipster is intended to target mainly the FNB (food and beverage) and NL (night life) industries. Tipster will serve as a better way to ensure tips, for great service, make it to the right person without being garnished, withheld or manipulated by the employer, or split between other staff members that did not serve customers.

The worldwide FNB industry in the US is expected to reach $88 Billion USD by end of 2018 and the NL industry in 2017 was $24 Billion USD in the US alone.

On the backend, Tipster will work with human resources of FNB and NL industries to help them find, hire, reward and promote the right servers (employees) who rightfully deserve the recognition based on real customer feedback. Users will also be able to rate their favorite servers and promote their great service via Tipster, helping them get more business.

Tipster can also be used to support other market segments like content creators (YouTube), instant call to action or crowd funding (from Kickstarter to helping the homeless) and many other applications.  

For more information, please visit here.

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Sweep mobile will be a mobile cleaning service for busy property owners. Book a cleaning service, track progress, communicate in real-time with your cleaner for special requests, approve end results via photos or video, pay for the service via mobile wallet and review the service provided.

The opportunity is present as the global cleaning service market is expected to reach over $74 Billion by 2020. The service will also serve the massive market of individuals looking for a second part time job. The U.S. Department of Labor reported 7,600,000 workers were holding multiple jobs in July, 2017.