The Golden Triangle is a mountainous area located in Northern British Columbia, Canada that borders Alaskas’ Pacific Coast. The first discovery of Gold in the region dates back to 1861 spawning numerous discoveries including the notable Essay Creek Mine, one of Canada’s highest grade gold mine and the worlds fifth largest silver producer. 

The once remote and rugged area has undergone major improvements in infrastructure development over the years. New highways have been paved for easier access to the region as well as new ocean port facilities in Stewart, BC. To facilitate development of the prolific Golden Triangle, new high voltage transmission lines and a 277 MW Hydroelectric facility NW of Stewart, BC have been built. 

The Golden Triangle Investment Trust is designed to invest solely in companies and properties in and around the Golden Triangle. The trust will initially have a five year duration subject to be extended for another five years with subscription holder consent. The investment objectives are to invest in a widely diversified portfolio of up to 30 companies/ properties of merit in the region. The fund will not invest more than 10% of its assets in any one portfolio. 

This fund employs industry leading investment professionals and advisors in the mining industry accumulating over 300 years of collective experience. The management team and experienced Geologists, who with the help of advanced technologies including drones and AI, will ensure the success of prosperous discoveries and professional execution. 

The opportunity lies with the supply of gold decreasing over the years and governments globally continuing to debase their currencies. Global warming has caused numerous glaciers to retreat exposing new opportunities never seen before. The region is estimated to have 700-800 metric tons of gold deposit. 

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