Canada has fared very well on the economic front since the 2008 meltdown and although commodities generally seem to drive the Canadian dollar, there is a vibrant undercurrent of entrepreneurship that is sadly lacking in early and growth stage, patient capital.

Family Offices generally participate in earlier stage companies through the traditional Venture Capital route and more recently, we have noticed the trend for direct investments into companies. The real question is how to channel your time, focus and expertise in order to find the companies and industries you are searching to invest in ?

At Notre Dame Capital, we have significant expertise in identifying, structuring and financing emerging companies in the following areas: organic and natural products, medical and biotechnology, nanotechnology, the internet of things and big data, wireless and mobile phone apps, mining and various breakthrough/disruptive technologies.

Some current examples of emerging companies that we are involved with are:

Medical Technology – Nano Transform Inc., a Montreal company is creating the next generation Nanotechnology based non-invasive, radiation free and portable medical imaging technology for mass scale breast screening. which lowers the incidence of breast cancer among high risk women, increases the survival rates of breast cancer patients and lowers treatment cost and productivity loss.  The company has a brilliant roster of scientists and the first generation technology has already shown remarkable results.

Fintech – Konnect Mobile Communications Inc., a Montreal based company that has developed a new mobile payments app called PaySocial. This soon to be launched app is an innovative payment app that allows users to send/receive money transfers, pay bills, buy/sell items in-store/online using their mobile phones, and is supported by seamless cash back rewards and viral social affiliate advertising programs. In other words, PaySocial is the first to provide users with the choice to transact for FREE by viewing 5-10 second advertisements and earn 5% cash back on every purchase at participating merchants, by sharing the purchase via social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). 

Mining – Goliath Resources Limited, a Toronto based company which has an option to acquire 100% interest in 4 properties in the prolific Golden Triangle area of North Western British Columbia. This area is host to multiple world class precious and base metal deposits and continues to demonstrate its tremendous untapped potential for additional discoveries. 

In each case, the business opportunity is significant with outstanding people and good governance committed to executing the plan.

Canada has three stock markets, namely, the Canadian Securities Exchange, (CSE), the Toronto Venture Exchange, (TSX – V)  and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The CSE and TSX V are designed for more junior, emerging companies and collectively have almost 2,000 companies listed and over $45 Billion ( Cad ) in market capitalization.. The weighting is clearly skewed to the mining sector, however, there are some absolute jewels in the technology space that could very well become the disrupters we are seeking.

If you are searching for exciting companies that can change the world that are domiciled in a safe, stable jurisdiction where the rule of law is applied equally to all stakeholders, then search no more, Canada is the place to be and Notre Dame Capital has the network and experience to find what you are looking for!

Short Bio: Richard Groome has been in the securities industry for over 30 years. Successfully started two investment firms and funded many hundreds of Canadian companies in all sectors. Several of the companies Mr. Groome has financed have matured to become billion dollar success stories.  Today, Notre Dame Capital specializes in working with a select few emerging growth companies that can be game changers to the world. Our web address is : www.notredamecapital.com

Author: Richard Groome, Managing Partner Notre Dame Capital

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